C. 1919-1922

18″w x 24″ h
Media on paper/cardstock

Snake and Strange Creature

Snake and Creature - Marian Spore Bush
Snake and Creature closeup - Marian Spore Bush

Since Marian’s paintings first appeared in one of Slotins Folkart Auction’s 2015 auctions, the auction house has been the primary source for sales of her artwork. Recently, during their Spring Self-taught Art Masterpiece Sale on April 22-23, 2023, a lot of 20 very early mixed media paintings on paper and cardstock were up for auction. The paintings varied in condition from “fair to great,” and their provenance came from Marian’s great-niece. 

This set of paintings offers a glimpse into Marian’s early artistic endeavors, showcasing her journey of learning and experimentation with different mediums, colors, subjects, and symbolism. They were most likely painted sometime between 1919-1922.

This painting is an early example of Marian’s use of symbolism and fantasy imagery. That strange little ferret with a human head is the absolute best!