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I discovered Marian Spore Bush around 2012 while digging through old newspapers and looking for artists who felt they were controlled by spirits. A headline from 1922 “Ghosts Guide Painter’s Hand” grabbed my attention. The article described the otherworldly abilities of Marian Spore, a successful dentist from Bay City, Michigan who put down her drill, closed her office doors of 20 years, and started to paint after being instructed by “They.” Being a Michigander who researches and writes about the strange and unusual in my state, I was immediately intrigued and have researched her ever since.

If you are able to contribute to my research on Marian Spore Bush in any way, please contact me. I am particularly looking to add good, quality photos of Marian herself and her paintings. I hope to discover as many paintings as I can, so that’s where YOUR HELP is valuable. Are you a collector? Own a painting by Marian Spore Bush? A family member? Please click below and write me. I would love to hear from you!

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For more than two decades, Amberrose Hammond has been delving deep into Michigan’s eerie and unconventional past.  As a passionate lover of local history and cemeteries, she has traveled all across Michigan to spread the word about the state’s weirdest and most off-beat tales. Through compelling lectures and historical cemetery tours, Amberrose has captured the imaginations of thousands with her infectious enthusiasm for Michigan’s spooky side. With her expertise and deep knowledge of the paranormal, she has authored several captivating books, including Ghosts & Legends of Michigan’s West CoastWicked Ottawa CountyWicked Grand Rapids, and Mysterious Michigan (of which Marian Spore Bush is featured in.) For those who want to explore the strange and unusual side of Michigan even further, Amberrose invites you to check out her website Mysterious Michigan and subscribe to Ghostly Talk, the podcast she cohosts. 

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