C. 1942

Unknown dimensions
Oil on canvas

Rising Sun/Victory?

Portrait of Marian Spore Bush and Rising Sun
Rising Sun - Marian Spore Bush

Image credit: Newspaper Source

“This is what the spirit world thinks of the “Rising Sun” of Japan. The forbidding, gigantic figure is characteristic, says Mrs. Bush, of a race which murders prisoners of war and civilian populations.” (July 25, 1943, Detroit Times Extra)

Marian is also featured standing with this painting in her autobiography, They (top photo). 

I am unsure of the title because she has a painting called Rising Sun and the Detroit Free Press description about this painting makes me feel it’s called Rising Sun, even though it doesn’t directly state that.

I believe in my research I’ve seen this painting labeled as Victory, so at this point, I’m not 100% sure.