C. Early 1920s

24.5″w x 20″ h
Oil on paper/cardstock

A Paper Design

Man and Animals - Marian Spore Bush

Image credit: Slotin Folk Art 

Since Marian’s paintings first appeared in one of Slotins Folkart Auction’s 2015 auctions, the auction house has been the primary source for sales of her artwork. During their Self Taught Art Masterpieces April 2024 auction, four of Marian’s paintings were available. Three of them were works on paper and one was a large canvas that had previously been to auction in 2015 called The Oasis.

Slotins dated this piece to the 1930s-1940s but I strongly feel these works on paper are some of her early work from 1919-1922 when she was just starting to listen to what “They” were instructing. “A paper design” was written on the back of this one. Tack holes show along the edges. There were two paintings from this 2024 auction titles “A Paper Design.”